336/34/3-6, G.I.D.C,

Makarpura Vadodara

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336/34/3-6, G.I.D.C,

Makarpura Vadodara

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Envelope Window Pasting Machine

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offer envelope window pasting machines in vadodara

Blue Line, An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company with vast experience of the industry, we are able to offer our clients superior quality Fully Automatic Envelope Window Pasting Machine, Fully Automatic Envelope Window making Machine.

We are engaged in offering our clints ENVELOPE WINDOW PASTING MACHINE. this are Fabricated under the supervision of Experts. So who ensure that these are at par with the highest standards of quality. Therefore almost machines offere are integrate with a 1 HP direct current motor, with thyraster control that enables the users due to get desired result.

Envelope window pasting machine

Our clients can immensely benefit from  Fully Automatic Cartoon Window Pasting Machine. Therefore almost machine plays in contrast enhancing productivity. as a results they are not only accurate but are operating at a very good speed. Hence machine runs at a speed of 150 blanks / min. Furthermore We also offer this range in contrast various specifications & sizes. Due to meet the diversifie needs because of our clients. Basically We also have won the faith and confidence of the customers by offering high technically sound machines for the reason that are good machine.

As a results Our window pasting machines are very easy to operate and to maintain and are made for high- quality conditions. Because of the professional designer and earnest, strict identifier, so we guarantee the high quality of the machines we produce.

These lower postal rates and the growing use of envelopes was stimulating the ever-greater production of envelopes by private industry. The first envelopes in this country were produced and sold by stationery stores, in those days often called bookstores. The usual practice was
to set up a table in the backroom of the store, and to send the clerks back there on rainy days, or when there was little business,

The nation teetered on the edge of disaster. When at last the Union was saved by compromise, it was only natural that men who looked for a way to support their desire for cheap postage should argue that the reduction in postal rates would tie the Union together as nothing else could. Much of the cauldron of public the opinion that had been simmering for
years in the South over the anti-slavery literature being passed through the mails began to boil over as the post roads and routes established by Congress.

Through the southern mails, in an ever-widening arc, went the fiery pamphlets of such organizations like the Southern Rights Association, which aimed at the rousing national sentiment throughout the Cotton Kingdom. Finally, to compound the irony, the solidifying
of southern opinion, achieved through a
mail service that never paid its way, was
done largely at the northern expense.

When he hired the riders, Alexander Majors gave each of them a Bible and required them to sign a pledge promising not to swear, drink alcohol, or fight with other employees. The riders carried the mail in the four pockets of a
mochila which fit snugly over the saddle and was quickly switched from one horse to another. Letters were wrapped in oilskin to protect them from moisture.

Civil War patriotic covers, or envelopes bearing patriotic illustrations and messages, provide an unusual insight into a turbulent and fascinating period of American history. These covers, with their designs reflecting patriotism, sentimentalities, and realities of a soldier’s life in war, documentation of great battles, tributes to heroes or biting satires on opposing views, still communicate to us a sense of the great depth of feeling engendered by our nation’s most bloody

relevant standards about building energy efficiency and green buildings have resulted in corresponding requirements for the envelope thermal performance. However, improvement of the thermal performance of the envelope is accompanied by an increase in the environmental impact and cost. This study quantitatively analyzed the thermal performance, environmental impact, and cost of the green building envelope in cold areas and established a common practice database, as well as a multi-index evaluation model.

The thermal performance of the building envelope specified in relevant standards often corresponds to various methods. The application of multi-index evaluation tools can guide the formulation of building envelope schemes. Additionally, although the thermal
performance of the green building envelope has been improved on the basis of ordinary buildings, the actual heat consumption in operation is affected by many factors, such as personnel operating habits, actual outdoor temperature changes, the matching of performance improvement between envelope structures,

Therefore, this paper uses simulation, project measurement, quantitative analysis, and sensitivity analysis to study the relationship between thermal performance and heat consumption of the green building envelope in cold areas and establishes a multi-index evaluation the system, including a multi-index evaluation model and database of an envelope scheme, to guide the design and evaluation of the green building envelope.

The second part involves investigating the green building envelope in cold areas and performing a quantitative analysis of the thermal performance, environmental impact, and cost of different building envelope practices. The third part tests the heat consumption of green buildings in the cold area, analyzes the relationship between the thermal performance of the envelope and heat consumption and corrects the comprehensive.

Moreover, it uses a modular system simulation method with a variable time step, and it is widely used in the field of building energy. Design-Builder is a building energy consumption simulation software developed with Energy Plus as the core. It has a visually graphic interface which is more convenient to operate so it was selected as the simulation too.

When selecting the test pipeline, the principle of stable flow and full pipe flow should be followed. Therefore, the backwater pipeline should be selected first, and the vertical trunk pipe should be selected as far as possible. When the length of the vertical trunk pipe is less than, the horizontal trunk pipe can be selected,

Technical Specifications

Blank size 20 inches X 24 inches
Speed max 150 blanks/min (depending on stock qlty)
Paper weight 55 GSM TO 120 GSM
Window size max 11 inches X 10 inches (280mm X 254mm)
Machine size height 56 inches, length 88 inches & width 44 inches
Weight 800 kg approx
Electrical controls D.C. motor- 1HP with thyraster control
Pumps A.C motor- 1HP with single phase pump
Film 15 To 125 micron (polyester,BOPP & PVC)
Counter digital preset counter


336/34/3-6, G.I.D.C, Makarpura, Makarpura Vadodara